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Since the October 7th massacre, over 100,000 Israelis have been evacuated from their homes in the South and North of Israel. Unfortunately, many evacuees do not have the support, knowledge or know-how to gain access to the incredible amount of donations that have flowed into Israel. These vulnerable populations, which tend to be neglected during “normal times”, are falling even more deeply into crisis. Now more than ever, they need our help.

La’Bayit has partnered with The Young Mother’s Program of Elem, which works with at-risk women, ages 17-25, who were raised amongst violence, poverty and abuse, and now have small children of their own. These 25 women are determined to break the dangerous cycle in which they were raised and provide warm and loving homes for their young children.


These at-risk single moms have all been evacuated from their homes in the South, along with their small children, and most are left with absolutely nothing

The items on the registry were chosen according to the needs of each evacuee family. Each item purchased from this gift registry will go directly to the 25 families.


Noa (name changed for privacy) is 24 years old and lives in Sderot with her two young children. On October 7th, Sderot was besieged by Hamas terrorists for almost a week. Noa and her two children, 3.5 and 2 years old, hid in their bomb shelter for almost 48 hours, without electricity, water and food, as they witnessed terrorists roaming the street and committing massacres, along with the sounds of alarms and non-stop gunshots. With great resourcefulness, Noa contacted volunteers who came to rescue her and her children. Noa and her family were evacuated to one of the Dead Sea hotels. At the moment it is not clear when she will be able to return to her home in Sderot, if at all. She left home with nothing.

Noa is just one of the 25 women who will be receiving items from this project.



In the past few weeks, there have been countless incredible initiatives and projects to help with the immediate needs of our soldiers, our victims, displaced families, and others affected by the tragedy. This registry is a prayer for the future. For these mothers who will need to gather the shattered pieces of their lives and rebuild. We want to be there for the happy moments that are to come. For the family dinners, the parties and normal day-to-day life. May we as a nation merit to see the full rebuilding of our beautiful country.



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Founded in 2021, the Young Mothers Program of Elem provides at-risk young mothers with personal mentors to help develop skills for motherhood and independent living such as preparation for the job market, securing housing, childcare mentorship and maximizing their government benefits. Most of the young women were born and raised in complex families, in environments filled with neglect, poverty, and violence, and these women carry mental wounds that make it difficult for them to provide safe and warm homes for their children.



During “normal times”, La'Bayit Gifts is Israel's #1 wedding registry and gift list. Started by Olim in 2018, we work with dozens of fellow small businesses across Israel to offer thousands of items to our couples. By contributing to this group gift registry you will also be helping to support small businesses in Israel, who have been hit hard in recent weeks.

*Please note: As we are a small business in Israel, and not a non-profit, we cannot provide tax-deductible receipts.

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